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X Factor betting: Proof that Tamera won’t win and why Sam will struggle again at the weekend

Louis Walsh was convinced Sam Callahan was getting the boot, but it's just a matter of time, right?

by Paul Mallon | November 4, 2013

Here’s the latest backstage report from our mole at the X Factor

If you needed further proof that Tamera won’t win X Factor, simply look back at Sunday night’s results show.

Everyone backstage at the studio was gobsmacked that she was in the sing-off with Kingsland Road.

The simple fact of the matter is that young girls are not voting for her and she is not capturing the imagination in the same style of the older acts, like Sam Bailey.

We hear Simon Cowell is already making plans to sign her to his record label the moment she exits the competition so at least she has a bright future outside of the competition (unlike Sunday night’s rejects Kingsland Road who won’t be getting anywhere near a record label). Nobody was more surprised than Louis Walsh who was convinced that his Essex act Sam Callahan was getting the boot.

Backstage at X Factor 2013

(Above, some people will be glad to see the back of Sam Callahan; the X Factor canteen menu; and Rough Copy get ready to go on stage)

The judge was spotted celebrating in his dressing room with a rare glass of bubbly after surviving another week with his three acts intact. (We fear his celebrations will be short lived because with ‘big band week’ starting next weekend, Sam is going to once again struggle with that very average voice.

Gary was fuming that Sam C wasn’t in the final two after murdering one of his favourite Take that tracks, Relight My Fire.

“He wouldn’t talk to Louis after the show,” our mole says. “He knows Kingsland Road were poor but they were nowhere near as bad as Sam. He believes he should have gone and not the boy band.”

Simon’s coming back to X Factor

Another person less than happy with how the Sunday show went was Taylor Swift. We hear she was fuming with the team on the sound desk after she performed a duet with Gary Lightbody from Snooze Patrol.

“Ms Swift though the sound was brutal,” an insider said. “She was furious when she walked backstage and called the producers to her trailer. She read them the riot act before storming out of the studio. She didn’t like the levels and thought that they didn’t do the song justice.” Yes, blame the song.

Next week it will be the turn of Celine Dion to take to the X Factor stage for the Sunday night performance and you can be sure that they will have ironed out any sound kinks by then.

But she won’t be the only mega star to grace the London studio. Sharon will be joined by her husband Ozzy for a rare public appearance since the couple reconciled earlier this year. Kelly Osbourne will also fly in for the weekend in a bid to make it a real family event.

But Cheryl might not be…

The other main talking point backstage on Sunday followed reports that Simon Cowell was planning on returning to the X Factor next year with Dannii Minogue and Cheryl Cole.

But our sources backstage confirmed that while Cowell was planning to return to the UK X Factor, he hadn’t yet decided to bring back the two girls.

According to the Sun, the two girls would replace Sharon and Nicole, while Simon would return to sit in Gary’s chair alongside Louis Walsh.

But we hear that no decisions have been made about next year as of yet.

“Simon may be considering that but he considers a lot of things and they change every day. Right now he is fully focused on the American X Factor and next year’s English version couldn’t be further from his mind. No judge is ever approached or hired while a current series is running. These rumours are nothing more than that and while they may be Simon’s dream team they are far from a reality.

“Yes, he loves Cheryl, but after her treatment on the American show there is no guarantee she would come back. And as for Dannii, let’s just say she was less than impressed with some of the revelations in Tom Bower’s book.”

Divas, eh?

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