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Simon Cowell has it in for Sam Bailey and Nicholas McDonald is the only one who can stop her

Don't tell Mrs O! The Paddy Power Blog has a shadowy insider at the X Factor dishing the dirt. Here's the latest update from our mole

by Josh Powell | November 11, 2013

So who the hell is voting for Sam Callaghan?

I know one person who definitely isn’t, and that’s Gary Barlow. The singer and judge was fuming after Abi Alton got the boot on Sunday night leaving the Essex singer outside of the bottom two. He cornered Louis Walsh in his dressing room and gave him a piece of his mind.

‘Louis was just back from doing the Xtra Factor and Gary, flanked by his security guard, burst through the doors’, my mole told me. ‘Gary told Louis it wasn’t fair and that he needed to work with Sam to try and bring him on as a singer. He told him that if he is going to stay in the competition just to annoy him then he needs to learn to sing.’

Gary may not be a fan of the Essex singer but Kelly Osbourne certainly is. She spent most of Sunday night following Sam around the studio and kept dragging him into his mother’s dressing room where the pair were chatted in secret.  Sam also managed to grab the attention of Sharon’s husband Ozzy, who was also there to support his wife.

‘Both Ozzy and Kelly seemed to fall for Sam’s charm. If only he could sing he would have it all,’ added the source.

Hannah Barrett may have escaped elimination this weekend but it came at a cost. The teenager was spotted, slumped backstage over a chair with her head in her hands. Despite having an incredibly strong performance with the Big Band she was once again in the bottom two.

It is only a matter of time before she ends up in a sing off with Tamera or Rough Copy and will ultimately go home.  I don’t know why the public hasn’t taken her to heart. I have met her several times and she is a young, pleasant and friendly teenager (unlike Tamera). She can come across as aloof but I think that is more to do with being painfully shy.

Nicole has sworn to work with her all week to ensure that she makes it through next week’s show, but with every teenage girl in the UK voting for Sam it could be for nothing.

Bail Out

I have also been told that relations between Sharon Osbourne and Simon Cowell are at an all-time low.  According to a well-placed source, Simon has made it very clear that he does not want Sam Bailey to win. He doesn’t believe she will sell records and does not want to have her signed to his record label. Sharon, who will not talk to him directly any more, has told producers that if Simon interferes with her act, she will go to the press and tell all about his attempts to sabotage her only remaining act.

Sam is currently 5/4 to win the show on Paddy Power’s so it looks like Simon’s greatest fears may be realised. The word on set is that the only act that could credibly catch her is Scottish crooner Nicholas McDonald.

‘He is definitely the only one close to her but whether he has what it takes to win remains to be seen,’ added the source. ‘It is going to be a close fought race to the title this year.’

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