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GIF: Striker knocked out with one sweet punch #BallofShame

Forget a weekend of dives and dodgy decisions in the Premier League, this unpunished knock out punch is prime Ball of Shame material

by Josh Powell | November 12, 2013

Imagine if Ramires had been hit like this?

The Chelsea striker has come in for plenty of abuse after going down easily against West Brom, and it makes you wonder how he would have reacted if he’d taken a quick jab to the jaw.

Over in South Africa, Kaiser Chief’s defender Morgan Gould decided the only way he could stop Wits striker Getaneh Kebede would be to give him a sharp left hook, and by all accounts it did the trick.

Not only did the Chief’s go on to win Premier Soccer League match 2-1 on Saturday, but Gould wasn’t even booked, let alone sent off.

Unsurprisingly Gould could face a fair bit of retrospective action, but as is the norm in modern football he quickly apologised via the Twitter machine.

We’ll let you be the judge of whether or not this was indeed, a ‘freak accident’.



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