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Sam is friendless in the X Factor house, but it is Hannah who could get the boot

Saturday nights have settled into a familiar routine now. There's a beer in the fridge, a pizza on the way and Sam Bailey is knocking it out of the park on ITV. Here's the latest X Factor breakdown from our insider

by Josh Powell | November 15, 2013

I felt sorry for Sam Callaghan this week.

Even though a series of pictures appeared of him in the X Factor house wearing a painted on smile, I know inside he was hurting. It has been a tough week for the Essex singer. You see he has reached the point in the competition where he is now the worst act, by a country mile. What compiles his misery is that the other remaining six acts are also painfully aware of this fact and are at risk of going home at his expense. As a result, tensions in the house have been raised to DEFCON one.

‘Poor Sam has been shut out by most of the others’, a show insider told me. ‘Rough Copy simply won’t entertain him while Tamera can’t even be in the same room as him. Sam Bailey and Nicholas are the two acts that have remained close friends but maybe that has to do with the fact that they are not threatened by him. The truth is that any of the other four could quite easily be in the bottom two while Sam goes through to the next week.’

Sam’s misery has been compounded by a row he had with his mentor Louis Walsh mid-week. The Irishman brought his three surviving acts ice skating at the Natural History Museum in a bid to give Sam a break from the house. But when the cameras were off Sam quizzed him about the amount of time he spent working with Luke and Nicholas and accused Walsh of favouritism.

‘Louis was startled but put it down to the emotion of the competition. He told Sam that he got the same time as everybody else and warned him about the pressure of the show. Sam went home that night a little bit red-faced and was up most of the night practicing.’

Sam is 11/8 with Paddy Power to be the next act eliminated, but there is a good chance that it will be 6/4 Hannah.  If Sam is in the bottom two his is definitely gone, it is just down to the public vote.

The other main talking point this week backstage has been the imminent arrival of one Miley Cyrus. She is set to take the X Factor stage this Sunday night. Fresh from making a complete tool of herself at the MTV EMAs in Amsterdam where she blazed up a joint, the twerking juggernaut will perform on Sunday night’s results show.  But it seems that producers are already fretting that the former child star will wreak havoc on the family programme.

In a bid to employ some damage limitation they had requested that Miley pre-record the show, a request that was firmly refused by the Cyrus camp.  And according to my insider the singer has demanded that her performance is live, a prospect that leaves loads of room for her to swing her wrecking ball.

‘Miley is on everybody’s lips at the moment but as the X factor is a family show she could get the production company in all sorts of hot water’, my source told me. ‘She is the sort of big name that will bring in extra viewers but by the same she is uncontrollable. And the last thing they need on the X Factor is another controversy!’


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