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GIF-t WRAPPED: Reims goalie hands Zlatan a hilarious freebie

Zlatan ends a bad week with an amusing tap-in

by Aidan Elder | November 24, 2013

Clearly every week is great when you’re Zlatan Ibrahimovic, but this week was less great than some of the others.
Defeat to Portugal in the playoff means he’s unlikely to grace us with his presence at another World Cup. Oh well, he’ll have to go home and dry his tears with the 270,000 in euro notes he got over the course of the week or so.

Stade Reims certainly seemed to feel sorry for him, conspiring to hand him this hilarious goal on Saturday. The goalkeeper, Kossi Agassa tries to throw the ball out to a defender, whacks it off a different defender and Zlatan smacks home a simple chance.

PSG were already 2-0 at the time and it was the last minute so it made no difference to anything expect boosting Zlatan’s ego even further. It’s still hilarious though.

Thanks to the guys at @101GreatGoals for this.


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