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GIF: Falcao REALLY doesn’t think he should be substituted

€60m striker behaves like you'd expect a €60m striker to behave

by Aidan Elder | November 25, 2013

While anyone who has played football to any reasonably organised level will be familiar and ultimately fine with (post-hissy fit of course) being substituted long before the end, it’s not something players who have been transferred for combined fees of over €100m million have to experience too often.

Radamel Falcao had a taste of that feeling last night for Monaco as Claudio Ranieri called him ashore with half an hour to go and his team struggling to break down a stubborn Nantes team. If we weren’t sure how the Colombian striker felt about it, his amusing over the top reaction told you all you needed to know.

First he gave it the classic ‘What? Surely that can’t be my number their holding up’ hand to the forehead gesture before looking immensely confused. He then seemed to accept the gaffer’s decision by trudging to the sideline before giving us another confused ‘hand to the forehead’ gesture to make triple sure it was his number.

Classic stropping.


And here it is in it’s stroppy video glory:


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