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EXCLUSIVE: Here’s how to get 20/1 on Ronaldo to score last

Champions League betting gets even more champion

by Aidan Elder | November 25, 2013

Ever been sitting at home enjoying an evening of top quality Champions League football and thought ‘you know what – I’d love to be able to bet on who will score the very last goal of tonight’s top quality Champions League football?’

No? Us neither, but we lack imagination from years of drinking low budget Russian cider.

People who don’t lack imagination are the Paddy Power Football Traders and they’ve come up with a range of interesting markets for Champions League nights. Interesting markets that no-one else is offering. The good news is, it should lead to some really good betting opportunities. We know that’s exactly what you’d expect us to say, but hear us out.

By pricing up the markets across all the games being played at the time, it means that these live betting markets are much more open which in turn also means the odds are much bigger and than you might otherwise expect. Take this hypothetical but not entirely implausible situation:

Lionel Messi to be the Last Goalscorer of the night at 20/1

Now anyone with a passing knowledge of European football (so basically anyone who isn’t Jamie Redknapp) should know that’s a big price and they’d be right. Ronaldo has overcome a series of terrible haircuts to become the best or second best footballer in the world, depending if you’re related to him or not. Getting him at 20/1 to score last would a great bet and we can do it because it’s based across all the matches on at that time. Now obviously that’s a hypothetical example, but it’s for illustrative purposes and it’s not entirely out of the question.

The markets we’ll have on a typical Champions League night will include:

  • Player to score the Last Goal of the evening’s CL matches
  • Player to score the First Goal of the Second Half
  • Player to score the Next Goal
  • Team to score the Last Goal
  • Total Goals across all the night’s CL Games (Over/Under)
  • Total Draws across all the night’s CL games (Over/Under)

By the way ‘CL’ stands for ‘Champions League’ not ‘Castrated Llama’. Just thought we’d clear that up.

It’s fairly straightforward. When the Champions League games are on, head over to our Live Betting section and take a look at all the amazingness that’s going on. It’s like magic.

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