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X Factor betting: Nicole battles Tamnesia with her last hope

Our X Factor insider hides behind the couch as Nicole Scherzinger storms for poor Little Louis

by Paul Mallon | November 25, 2013

Something is rotten in the state of X Factor and it is in Camp Scherzinger.

Our X Factor spies report that the Pussycat Doll had her claws out after Sunday night’s results show.

Nicole was fuming that her act Hannah was sent home (as predicted here), despite having ‘the performance of the night’. Hmmm. Dubious.

Even though her other act, Tamera Foster, escaped a sing-off with Hannah after she forgot the lyrics to her song Impossible (for the second week in a row), Nicole was on a mission to find out why Hannah had been given her marching orders.

The singer was so irate after the show that she stormed into Louis Walsh’s dressing room demanding to know why he sent the 16-year-old packing. Poor Louis spilled his warm milk.

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“It was unexpected to say the least,” our mole reveals. “Louis was having a chat with Luke and Nicholas when Nicole burst in the door.” Speaking for the Paddy Power Blog, we’d welcome that kind of intervention, tbh.

“She had just come from Sharon’s room but had not received any answers there so she decided to confront Louis. He wasn’t backing down and told her it was her own fault. He said he would have sent home Tamera if he could have but she wasn’t in the bottom two.

“He told her to start mentoring her act and teach her the song lyrics. Nicole couldn’t speak she was so angry and just walked out the door and returned to her own dressing room to calm down.” Divas, the lot of them.

Nicole may be lamenting the loss of her final act, Tamera, next weekend if she can’t find a way for her to remember her lyrics. We’d recommend No Limits by 2Unlimited.

The other contestants have dubbed it ‘Tamnesia’, but with next weekend’s introduction of the X Factor jukebox, she could be in serious trouble. Basically the contestants will have to sing two songs next week.

One will be chosen by their mentor but the second will be picked by public vote, meaning Tamera will have to learn a whole list of songs, one of which she will have to perform.

“Nicole is devoting her week to spend with Tamera,” said our source, who really should have better things to do. “Last week she had a lot of help and forgot her lines. It is going to be difficult to see how she can avoid the same. Nicole is teaching her how to deal with fluffing the words rather than helping her memorise a load of songs. Covering it up may be the only answer.”

The other major problem for the X Factor bosses this week is the fear of a protest against James Arthur, who is due to perform.  Arthur has faced criticism in recent weeks for using a slur in a freestyle track he recorded. He swiftly apologised to those offended. The singer was then caught up in a rant on Twitter with former contest Lucy Spraggan. He has since cancelled a number of gigs citing ‘exhaustion’.

X Factor bosses are fearful of a crowd picketing next week’s show and of the audience booing Arthur inside the studios. They are considering pre-recording the performance

“It would be unheard of not to have the previous winner on the show so that’s not an option. But if a crowd came to protest it could really damage the brand.”

It’s all over soon, don’t worry.

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