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40 not out: The last fence fallers tha left you quids in for November

The king of the horse-racing money-back specials is at it again - returning cash on 40 horses who've fallen at the last so far in November. Just don't tell the bean counters.

by Sean Goff | November 27, 2013

You know how it is. Your horse comes cruising on the bridle, race at its mercy, just has to jump the last to win. Oi Oi! You’re sat there with a smug smile on your face, mentally counting your money, when suddenly – boom! He goes down at the last quicker than Ashley Young in the penalty area.

And you’ve done your dough. Disaster! But hold on a minute. Your e-wallet is still the same and Gladys behind the counter is giving you the glad-eye to come over. A mistake.


A horrible dream? No my friend, you are just another in a long list of Paddy Power customers who’ve had their stake refunded if their gg falls at the last in the month of November. Here’s the list of the 40 fallers at the last for November that cost you money with every other bookie – bar Paddy Power.

So browse that new smart phone your girlfriend bought you so you could ‘chat more’. Login into your account or pop down the road to the nearest Paddy Power shop and reclaim you’re hard-earned cash on these Last Fence Fallers. Cash that is, not free bets or other gimmicks.


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