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Turn On, Tune In and Cash Out

Get your money earlier, no strings a-cash-ed

by Aidan Elder | November 28, 2013

Ta-dah! Cash Out is here!

Yes it’s several months after it was available elsewhere, but it’s still several months ahead of the rest. And besides, you try to get the Paddy Power IT Department to focus on anything useful at a time when JJ Abrams takes over the Star Trek franchise, Iron Man hits the big screen and Sheldon manages to get a real-life girlfriend. It’s harder than asking Miley Cyrus to keep her clothes on.

You may be familiar with the Cash Out facility, but don’t worry if you’re not because it’s not exactly rocket surgery. If you’re beating the bookie with one of your bets, you’ve got the option of taking the money and running. Plus it’s available on both our desktop site and mobile too. Cha and indeed ching.

Despite the fact we have to use some jargon crap, it’s actually pretty straight-forward. We’d call it – to use the technical term – the dog’s bollocks. Here’s how Paddy Power Cash Out works…

  • You have a pre-match bet
  • The match kicks off, after a certain amount of time it’s clear your bet is going well
  • A ‘CASH OUT’ icon will appear to let you know you’ve got that option
  • You’ll be given the chance to cash out of your bet early for less cash than if you wait until the final whistle
  • Or you can wait until the end to get the full odds
    Woooo – drama!

Here’s what it looks like on screen.
When the Cash Out option is available to you, a handy ‘Cash Out available on this market!‘ message appears on the live betting for the match, as you can see below.


You’ll also be able to see just how much you’ll be cashing out for under the relevant market. In this case, the strong start by SK Sigma Olomouc Under 21s (easily our favourite of all the Czech under 21 club teams) has the game pretty much wrapped up, so we’re being offered €6.73 to cash out now rather than enduring the uncertainty of 35 odd minutes until full time for a return of €7.86.

On mobile, it’s a slightly different but no more complicated story. This time to check if you can cash out, you need to go to the Cash Out option on the menu on the left hand side of the page. Click in there and you’ll see a full list of the bets you have the option of cashing out on. If you like what you see, hit the Cash Out for [whatever the sum of money is] button and that’s it – job done.


Sadly in practice, the yellow arrows won’t appear because although they make life very simple, you can’t go around having yellow arrows appearing willy-nilly.

So, do you take what’s on offer now or do you hang on until the end for a potentially even greater reward?
Hmmm … tough call. It’s a bit like Deal or No Deal, only without the shit beards and all the naïve optimists who think the universe is apportioning karma via the medium of random red boxes.

At the moment it’s available on football matches, but we’re hoping to roll it out across a wide variety of sports in the next few months. It really depends how long it takes for the world to realise that every Iron Man is basically the same movie and The Big Bang Theory revolves around the same four jokes. Ha ha – Howard is pervy – this never gets old!

So that’s it. We’re a little behind the game, but that just means we’ve had more time to get it right. Why reinvent the wheel when you can just steal someone else’s wheel and add it to your collection of already pretty slick wheels and make it an even better wheel?


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