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Diamond in the rough? Probably not, as Rough Copy face their final X Factor curtain

Our sneaky X Factor insider is back to try to boost our wallets as the show reaches the semi-final stage

by Josh Powell | December 2, 2013

So Tamera remembered all her words and was still given the boot from the X Factor this weekend. Well the bookies had her as favourite to leave and go she did. You may well have seen her on the box, devastated, with tears streaming down her face, looking like the cover of a Mills and Boon novel (ask your Nan!)

Well there was a touch of the crocodile about those tears because the singer has already been signed up by Simon Cowell and Syco music. Our backstage sources tell us that Tamera will be given a six month management deal and will go on the X Factor tour with the other acts. Once the tour is finished she will go straight into the Syco stable of artists where she will be given two years to write and produce her debut album. We have also been told that she will be the only artist apart from the winner who will be signed by Cowell’s label.

‘Simon has always been a big fan of Tamera’, or mole told us. ‘He has had this contract ready to go from week one and is delighted that she didn’t actually win the show. She will follow the likes of Olly Murs and will be taken away after the tour and given the time to develop as artist and discover her own sound. Simon’s people have already been talking to her and the deal was agreed on last night. She is the only act that Simon wants to sign from this year’s roster. And if Sam Bailey doesn’t win he has no plans of giving her a deal.’

X Factor’s boo boys

It wasn’t a great weekend either for James Arthur who was performing on the results show. The scruffy performer was booed in the backstage canteen after the show and left, with his tail firmly between his legs.  The Impossible singer was visibly upset by the reaction considering he had humbly apologised for his bad behaviour on the live show. But the X Factor faithful were not buying his contrition.

‘I have never seen an artist get booed in the canteen’, an eye-witness told us.  ‘He walked into the packed room expecting to sign some autographs and pose for some pictures but he was greeted by a chorus of booing and jeering. He was quickly led out the back door and into a car. It was the first time this has ever happened at the X Factor and it shows that James Arthur has a long way to go before people believe he is actually sorry for his homophobic rant’.

It’s set to be a rough weekend

Back to next week and the semi-finals. Paddy Power has Rough Copy as odds on favourites at 5/6 to get the boot next weekend. Our insider agrees with this and all signs backstage point to a rough exit for the boy band.

Sam Bailey is still the runaway favourite to win the show but we have been told that Nicholas has been performing well in the vote these past couple of weeks. So much so that he actually beat Sam in the vote last week.

‘They never release the voting until the final but the word in the gallery is that Nicholas topped the poll’, our source told us. ‘This could be bad news for Sam, if the Scottish vote is now rallying behind Nicholas he might actually catch her. We have heard that Nicholas and Sam have over 50 percent of the vote already between them making it very much a two-horse race. Is it one that Nicholas can win; I don’t know. But it will be closer than people think.’

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