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Jose and the amazing dreamcoat: How Mourinho’s fashion sense is harming Chelsea’s form

Form and fashion in decline. Jose Mourinho's coat has gone, and so has The Special One's dominance at Stamford Bridge.

by Josh Powell | December 2, 2013

A grey Emporio Armani cashmere coat will set you back around a grand, give or take a few quid. It sounds expensive for a jacket that you’ll always be in danger of leaving in a nightclub cloakroom, but for Jose Mourinho and Chelsea it’s worth even more.

The iconic grey coat that was, according to the depths of the internet, bought by Mourinho’s wife Tami back in 1999. It was a common sight on the Stamford Bridge touchline from 2004 to 2007. However, at the end of the 2006/07 season Mourinho donated his coat to charity, earning £22,000 in the process but costing Chelsea dear.

What kind of dark magic that coat possessed, we’ll never know. But what we do know is that in the three years Mourinho wore it on East London, Chelsea won their first top flight league title for half a century and quickly added a second, as well as an FA Cup and two League Cups.

Chelsea lift title 0506

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Since losing the winter warmer, Mourinho’s win record at Chelsea has headed south, along with his fashion sense.

  • Jose was in charge for 177 games in all competitions with the coat and won 66 per cent of them, drawing 23 per cent and losing just 11 per cent
  • Without the coat, Jose has managed 29 Chelsea matches and his win rate has dropped to 55 per cent. He has drawn more (28 per cent) and lost more (17 per cent) without his lucky jacket
  • In Premier League games alone in charge of Chelsea, Mourinho’s win rate drops 14 per cent without the coat

What we can conclude is that the coat concealed a genius and made Mourinho untouchable. Without his Armani cashmere Jose is exposed tactically, mentally and fashionably. Whether he, and his Chelsea team, can recover this season is still to be seen.

Meanwhile we’ll continue to investigate what secrets lie within Arsene Wenger’s sleeping bag attire. You’re welcome, football fans.

I’ll get my coat.

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