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NFL GIF: Vernon Davis is knob-bled by this uncomfortably low tackle

by Rob Dore | December 2, 2013

I’ve heard of being cock-blocked but cock-tackled?

It was make-or-break for St Louis’ slim play-off chances and they weren’t going down without a fight. Or without grabbing an opponents’ penis.

The Rams didn’t put up the toughest of fights as the 49ers beat them comfortably 23-13 but safety T.J. McDonald did get himself a handful of Vernon’s Davis. It’s forgivable how Mr McDonald blindly grabbed a handful of Vernon as he attempted to haul the 49ers tight-end to the turf. However he hangs on for an uncomfortably long time becoming less of a tackle and more of a come-on.

You’ll be glad to know Vernon Davis made a full recovery and went on to score spectacular touchdown.


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