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Paddy Power is paying out leg by leg, so you don’t have to wait for your winnings

In a world were everything is high-speed, super-fast and instantly available you shouldn't have to get caught waiting for your winnings.

by Josh Powell | December 3, 2013

Ticking off a few winning legs on your Lucky 15, Patent or Super Heinz is the kind of awesome feeling we presume you would get if you were to wake up next to Mila Kunis and smell the sweet scent of bacon being cooked downstairs. Unfortunately having to wait for your winnings to be settled after the final leg is a bit of kick in the shins. Especially if there is another bet you’d quite fancy a go on before your bet has been settled.

The good folk working in the tech rooms in Paddy Power are continuing to rid the world of problems (in between petitioning for an IT crowd Christmas Special) by paying out leg by leg – meaning you don’t have to wait for your winnings!

Simply put, Paddy is now paying out after each winning leg, with any bonuses being chucked on the end when the final selection has run. This means that you will receive your winnings piece by piece rather than suffering the frustrating wait until your last bet has finished.

Partial settlement slider

To try to make this slightly clearer, we’ve stripped out the tech jargon and used hypothetical punter ‘Bob’ to explain. For your peace of mind, Bob has incredible hair and a ridiculously impressive jaw line. Phwoar.

  • Bob has backed four horses at Ayr over the weekend in a £1 Lucky 15.
    Little Jim in the 2.10 on Saturday at 2/1
    Super Sean in the 3.50 on Saturday at Evens
    Thunderbolt in the 1.30 on Sunday at 3/1
    And SuperFastHorse in the 4.00 on Sunday at 5/1
  • Bob has a great Saturday with both Little Jim and Super Sean winning. Normally Bob would have to wait until Sunday to get any of his winnings but thanks to Paddy’s partial payout he gets £11 back (a single at 2/1, a single at Evens and the double)
  • Bob celebrates by buying a six-pack of Carlsberg and a Monster Munch multi-bag
  • On Sunday Thunderbolt loses but SuperFastHorse lives up to his name and bolts home. Bob gets another £72 in his account (a single at 5/1, two more doubles and the treble)

With other bookies Bob would have waited until Sunday to get his winnings, but with Paddy Power he got early access to his winnings as they came in.

This is completely separate to Paddy’s new cash-out option that you can read all about here, and will give punters the chance to get hold of their winnings without having to wait until the last leg.

The small print…

  • Applies to bets placed online, mobile, text and phones. Standard settlement times will apply to payouts on each winning leg.
  • Bet types include: Patent, Trixie, Lucky 15, Yankee, Lucky 31, Canadian, Lucky 63, Heinz, Super Heinz, Goliath and doubles all the way up to nineteenfolds
  • Straight accumulators will still be settled after the final leg
  • Lucky 15 bonuses will be added once the whole bet is completely settled

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