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How Paddy Power has put more money in your pocket than anybody else this Premier League season

Feel that extra chunky bit in the back of your jeans? It's not Christmas weight, but a healthy looking wallet becuase Paddy Power has been best price on favourites more times than any other bookie

by Josh Powell | December 4, 2013

We’ve had blind footballers booting cats into trees, Carlton Palmer in a bath and we’ve shot those pesky chavs at Cheltenham with a tranquilizer. Throw in some Ryder Cup tweets in the sky to help the European team out, and a hot air balloon made of Lucky Pants and the boss has got a fairly cheeky rap sheet.

But as well as cunning stunts and risky ads punters want value, and betting with Paddy Power on the Premier League has put more cash in your wallet than anywhere else this season. We’ve even got Leo in the design team to boot up Photoshop so we can show that there’s a whole lot of substance to back up our style via the medium of a fancy graph.

Paddy Power has been best price on favourites in the Premier League more than anybody else this season

Big balls on favs

The bean counters in Power Tower have been on the run since August as week in, week out, Paddy has been getting the drinks in for football punters.

  • Paddy has been best price on 59 per cent of all Premier League favourites in 2013/14
  • That has cost Paddy a pretty penny, because the favourite has won 75 out of the 130 matches (58 per cent) this season. This is great news for punters, but not quite as appealing for Mrs Power in the run up to Christmas.
  • If you put a £10 single on the favourite on every single match you would currently be making a 6% profit, which is a better interest rate than any bank, and a lot more enjoyable. Of course, you’d win even more by backing favourites in multiples and when we compiled those numbers the Power Tower share holders were rocking in the corner of a small dark room listening to James Blunt.
  • Customers who bet on favourites with Paddy Power have won more. Paddy has paid out 22 per cent more winnings than Bet365 and a whopping 32 per cent more than Ladbrokes.

If you’ve been backing the favourites with Paddy Power this season you’ll be dining on steaks and champagne at next week’s Christmas party. Unfortunately for Paddy he’s on bread and dripping, which, unless you live in Yorkshire and you think it is the 1960’s, isn’t exactly Michelin star.

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