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Football Riots in Brazil: So this is where we’re having the World Cup?

by Rob Dore | December 9, 2013

Three fans were left in critical condition following a mass riot in Brazil on the final day of the season. This end of season clash between Atlético Paranaense and Vasco da Gama was held at the neutral Arena Joinville in Santa Catarina because of previous crowd trouble between the two sets of fans.

When Atlético took a 1-0 lead in the 17th minute, a scoreline which would condemn Vasco to relegation, small brawls started in the crowd, morphing in to the running battles you can see in this video.

The scenes were so brutal that the players were left shaken and weeping. With the ongoing stadium issues this incident will raise further doubts about Brazil’s ability to succesfully host next Summer’s World Cup.

“They were trying to escape the Atletico fans. We saw a young lad laying down, getting kicked, being hit by blocks of wood. He is a human being. This needs to stop. We asked them to stop, and they did not listen to us.” – Luiz Alberto (Atlético defender)

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