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The Ball of Shame Report: Manchester United have had a bellyful of bad behaviour

Each week we will bring you a roundup of the most shameful behaviour from the footballing world. Paddy Power's Charles Lorigan has stopped tweeting for long enough to gather his thoughts on Kagawa, John Terry's Christmas shopping and fifth officials

by Paul Mallon | December 13, 2013

Kagawa’s full plate

Millionaire footballer Shinji Kagawa has endured a tough time, bless, since his transfer from Borussia Dortmund to Manchester United two summers ago. When it was announced last Saturday that Kagawa would miss United’s clash with Newcastle because he had to get his stomach pumped the fans could be forgiven for being a bit peeved.

Here at Power Tower we don’t like to make fun of the misfortune of others (that’s a fib) but exactly how much food must one eat to necessitate having your stomach pumped? Surely there was a point in the meal where Kagawa realised he was full. Maybe poor Shinji was comfort-eating to help him get over his lack of game time in the last two years.

JT shops at Poundworld

When one thinks of footballers going shopping, images of tailored suits, Italian sports cars and fine ornaments come to mind. The last thing anyone would think of is a footballer shopping around for a bargain. This is not the case for Chelsea captain John Terry who loves a good discount. The footballer, who earns upwards of £170,000 a week, was spotted shopping at Poundworld in Surrey last weekend. JT seemed to be buying a bit of everything. Shocked customers reported that he had baskets full of goods.

One would think JT could afford to splash out a bit on Christmas decorations and tools for the garden but it seems he is happy to save his money when he can. Maybe Liam Ridgewell (below) should take a leaf out of JT’s book and save his cash, instead of wiping his ass with it.

That Marouane is thumb chancer

Fellaini’s troubles in Manchester have been well documented. But while the struggles of United midfield cannot be blamed entirely on Fellani, the fact he can’t stay of his phone for the duration of a football match in which his team is competing definitely can. As United struggled against Newcastle last Saturday, Fellani decided it was the right time to play Candy Crush.

Are United that bad that their own players can barely stand to watch them? Kagawa didn’t look too impressed either. No truth to the rumour that Fellaini was texting Martinez looking for a way back to Everton.

What do these fifth officials actually do?

The role of the fifth official has been highly debated. What exactly do they do? What power do they hold over the game? Nothing, it seems.

Joel Matip’s goal for Schalke midweek (above) against Basel confirmed this. The Basel defence performed a well-executed offside trap as a Schalke corner was swung in and Matip collected the ball in a blatantly offside position. The whistle didn’t come, however, and a surprised Matip fired the ball past the helpless goalie.

This level of ineptitude would cost you your job in 99% of jobs but not in football, in football anything goes.

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