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The X Factor Final is a one horse race according to our sneaky insider

Our shadey mole in the X Factor headquarters is back with the verdict on the Final, and how it will take something huge to stop Sam Bailey winning

by Josh Powell | December 14, 2013

It has been ‘a journey’, mainly for the viewing public as we waited to see if this year’s X Factor would live up to the hype. But this weekend, for the first time in a decade, it appears the annual competition of sob stories and miraculous performances is well and truly a one horse race.

It would be the biggest shock since SuBo lost to Diversity if prison guard Sam Bailey misses out on the title. We will watch in faux amazement as Luke gives it his all, dueting with Ellie Goulding, on Saturday night’s live show. Sadly for him it will not be as popular as Nicholas’s performance with Shane Filan and will be a long way back from Sam and Nicole Scherzinger’s ensemble.

It will be the Devon busker who finishes in third place and receives the first hug of failure from Dermot O’Leary. In truth there will be no recording contract for Luke and after his six month X Factor tour he will be returning to the pubs and clubs in Devon playing to half full crowds.

Sam Old Story

No doubt there will be much posturing from the judges as to the tight margins that exist between Nicholas and Sam—but that is so far from the truth. Our sources on the show tell us that Sam is now commanding 65 per cent of the vote. Nicholas will bring on the tears and try to use his youth and inexperience to extract a few more votes from the residents of Scottish nursing homes—but it won’t be enough. He will  lose, go out on the tour and maybe, if he is lucky, will bring out an album of cover songs for mothers day (only slightly better than Chris Maloney’s songs for his nan).

In fact it is such a forgone conclusion that ITV executives are hoping that Elton John and One direction will carry the show.

‘This is the first time that there hasn’t been a real contest for the final’, our source told the Paddy Power Blog.  ‘Sam has run away with it and when the voting patterns are revealed after Sunday night you will see that she has topped the polls every week apart from one.  That is why it was so important to get One Direction back on the show. Elton is a massive act but he is not going to bring in the younger viewers.  One D guarantees you a worldwide audience and their performance will go viral on the internet as well. With the falling ratings Simon Cowell is desperate to get big numbers for the final. Anything less than 2 million for the Sunday night show will be deemed disappointing.’

Cowell’s ‘ScrewBo’

Simon is also said to be ‘extremely disappointed’, at Sam’s success in the competition. He will not sign her as an artist if she doesn’t win the show (which she will). And according to one show insider he has already insisted that Sam’s winner’s album consist of cover songs.  The news is said to have enraged judge Sharon Osbourne who is preparing to reveal all once the show has finished.

‘Sharon knows that Simon does not want ‘ScrewBo’ to win the show’, added my insider. ‘She has already made it clear that she wants input on Sam’s first album and if Simon interferes she will talk to the press about his attempts to sabotage her act’s career. And Simon knows first-hand that hell hath no fury like Mrs O scorned, so it will be interesting to see which one of them gets their way with Sam.’

So it seems the only X Factor drama will happen after the show ends.

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