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Paddy can’t stop enhancing prices! Find out about our new Powercast feature…

by Josh Powell | December 19, 2013

PowerPlay meet racing. Racing meet PowerPlay. It’s love at first sight, they’re like a young teenage couple dry humping on the back of the bus.

If you are new to PowerPlays, firstly welcome. We would ask you what you have been doing all this time but we won’t. We’ll simply take your e-coat and welcome you through the door. You can even keep your shoes on if you want. A PowerPlay is an enhanced special that our secret crack team (Brian and Paddy on level 3 in Power Tower) come up with for punters every day. They could be on anything from football, to darts, to NFL or basketball.

Powercasts are following a similar vibe and are giving horse racing fans enhanced prices on UK and Irish racing. Every day, around 15 minutes before the off Paddy will offer fixed priced forecast and tricast bets on selected horses in the race giving you a chance to win more, and giving AP McCoy and co another chance to kick Paddy where it hurts.

You can drag and drop the selected horses to change the order and the price until you feel comfortable that you’ve nailed the first two or three home. Hit the price, take the bet and Robert is your mother’s creepy uncle with the bad breath and the alcohol problem.

Here is a handy screenshot to give you a visual representation of what it looks like. Or you can just go to the racing pages here and have a play yourself…

PowerCast screenshot

The coupon appears underneath the car don each race page or you can cycle through the available prices on the racing homepage with our fancy new Powercast Block.

One of the biggest weeks in the racing calendar is creeping up on us like a jolly fat man in a red suit. In between turkey sandwiches and copious amounts of Quality Street have a dabble on the Powercasts and hopefully pocket some cash for the January sales.

Here’s all the small print (You don’t necessarily have to read this, it isn’t massively exciting/funny).

  • Powercasts are fixed price forecasts and tricast bets on selected runners which are priced by Paddy Power. Powercasts are available on all UK & Ireland races where forecast & tricast betting is offered and will be available approximately 15-20 minutes before the start of each race. Powercasts will be settled the price the bet is struck at. Powercast bets qualify for streaming on the relevant race.
  • When the ‘Win or each way’ market has a non-runner of 9/1 or shorter odds after a power cast bet has been placed than those bets will be settled at the industry dividend. In the event a tricast includes a non-runner, the bet will change into straight computerised straight forecast a competitor which becomes a non-runner
  • In the event a reverse forecast or straight forecast contains a non-runner, the bet will be voided. In the event a combination tricast from three, or combination forecast from three includes a non-runner, the bet will change into an ‘any order forecast. In the event a combination tricast from four includes a non-runner, the bet will change into a combination forecast tricast from three. In the event a combination forecast from four includes a non-runner, the bet will change into a combination forecast from three.
  • In the event a Power Cast result contains a dead heat, payout will revert to the industry dividend for the race. Double result will apply on Power Casts unless a Rule 4, Non Runner, or Dead Heat has reverted payout to the industry dividend.
  • Powercasts are not eligible for Money-Back Specials unless otherwise stated.
  • Paddy Power reserve the right to withdraw or suspend a market without prior notice, and will not be held responsible for promotional imagery or social media updates being on display when the market is withdrawn
  • In regard to the result or settlement of a market Paddy Power’s decision is final

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