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The Ball of Shame Report: Cardiff manager cheques out and a sighting of Jesus

We are back with another serving of Christmas shame from the footballing world. This week we have tyrant chairmen, footballers with god complexes and some good old fashioned streaking. Charles Lorigan reports...

by Paul Mallon | December 20, 2013

Wham, bam, thank you Tan

A recent slew of positive economic data has seen a rise in spending around the UK and Ireland but one man remains unconvinced about the return to economic prosperity. Vincent Tan. Tan the Terrible has denounced any calls for funding and has stated not a solitary penny will be spent in the January transfer window.

It got a cracking response on our Twitter and Facebook pages from you guys…

Tis the season and all that, so the great minds in Power Tower decided to do some fundraising for the Cardiff transfer kitty. You managed to raise a whopping £125.85. No, it’s not enough for any real footballer, but we will be presenting the cheque to whoever takes over from poor Malky Mackay.

Our lord and saviour… Andy Carroll

There was a time when Andy Carroll reached godlike status and it resulted in Liverpool paying £35m for the Geordie lad. This Jesus-like hype may have been due to the fact that Carroll has showcased an incredible ability to turn water into wine or change 30 Jaegerbombs into empty glasses in one sitting. Whatever the reason, this reputation has clearly gone to Andy’s head and he has now taken to posting depictions of Christ on his Twitter.

For all this talk of saviours and holy acts it’s worth mentioning that it will be a minor miracle if we see Andy back scoring goals for West Ham any time soon. They could use all the help they can get.

Streaker’s delight

As the faces of their respective clubs you would think that Jose Mourinho and Gus Poyet would turn their noses up at the sign of a scantily-clad gentleman breaking on to the pitch and delaying the proceedings in what was a tightly-contested cup tie. Quite the contrary, the two managers seemed positively delighted by the spectacle as is illustrated by their happy faces below.

In Mourinho’s defence, the streaker was the only thing on the night that was funnier than Samuel Eto’s performance. One must ask the question: would it have been better to leave the naked gentleman on in place of the Cameroonian striker?

Join us next week for more #BallOfShame which will mostly involve the Paddy Power Blog picking crumbs from the festival football pie.


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