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Stats that prove which Premier League teams have got Christmas wrapped up

The Paddy Power Blog lays off the sauce long enough to answer some of the key questions that emerge this time of year in the football season (hic)

by Rob Dore | December 23, 2013

Some things never change at Christmas.

Noddy Holder is loaded despite having one of the most annoying voices is music, you could really use a new liver (or two), and the design department at Paddy Power have been in the pub since the first week of the month.

We managed to grab their attention for long enough, however, to produce this festive and rather beautiful infographic.

  • Who are the traditional relegation escape artists?
  • What does being in the top four mean in terms of Champions League qualification?
  • Have Manchester United got a prayer?

Yes, does being top of the tree mean anything at Christmas…

Christmas form infographic

For those who don’t like reading infographics, here are the key bits…

  • Yes, it possible to be bottom and survive (if your name is West Brom)
  • The vast majority of teams in the top four on Christmas Day enjoy Champions League action next season
  • Manchester United have hauled back a festival deficit EIGHT times. DUN-DUN-DUNNNNN

Design: Eleanor Kellenberger @ Paddy Power

  • We  believe this season is totally up for grabs. But if you need inspiration head over to this New Year’s Honours piece from Josh Powell or Aidan Elder’s Christmas statsbomb right here.


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