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VIDEO: Sandro soothes Spurs’ woes with some Yuletide crooning

This makes everything better. Apparently.

by Aidan Elder | December 26, 2013

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that Spurs have had a difficult time of things in the last few weeks. But fear not Tottenham fans, Sandro has been working hard to put things right.

So what has he been doing to soothe the woes around White Hart Lane?

  • Extra training sessions to give them the edge on the field?
  • Giving genuine leadership to help foster a sense of team spirit among a squad still getting familiar with each other?
  • Helping Tim Sherwood implement his ideas with the minimum of fuss?

Eh … yeah, probably all those things, but he’s also broken out the guitar and sang us a little Christmas ditty. Everything is once again alright with the world.

As footballers singing goes, it’s surprisingly not crap, but it’s also surprisingly unhelpful to turning Spurs’ season around.


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