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VIDEO: Enjoy Piers Morgan coming off second best against a 90mph cricket ball

Tears for Piers? Not at all

by Aidan Elder | December 27, 2013

It’s not been an enjoyable Ashes tour for England this year, but with the urn conceded at least it’s time to have a bit of fun. And by fun, we mean ‘wanting to see an opinionated journalist get hurt by a cricket ball’. Thankfully Piers Morgan and Brett Lee combined to provide just such a video and it’s oddly satisfying.

I’m not sure why he’s doing it, but I’m pretty sure it involves him shooting his mouth off on Twitter and then being called out on it. He gets peppered by the former Aussie quick bowler, taking a few blows to the body and generally getting a bit narky when it becomes clear he’s all mouth and no trousers. His technique is awful, but you’ve got to admire his ability to brazen it out even when he’s out of his depth. That’s kind of like a metaphor for his journalism.

He jumps around a bit not really having a clue where the ball is and hoping he doesn’t get hit – all to not much avail.

Sadly for England, it’s eerily reminiscent of how a lot of their batsmen handled facing Mitchell Johnson.


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