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VIDEO: Commentator goes mental for amazing Futsal goal

by Paul Mallon | December 31, 2013

As part of a generation raised on a sport which celebrated men beating each other with sticks, the Paddy Power Blog has little time for the likes of Futsal.

It’s indoors. The pitch is small. Futsal translates as ‘half football’. Says it all, really.

Yes, yes, Futsal is credited with honing the skills of Luis Figo, Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos, among others. They’d have made it anyway.

Futsal really allows people who’d be rubbish at grown-up football to shine like a diamond.

Here’s a video of a Spanish lad, Jorge Matamoros, executing a backheel lob over the opposition keeper in a game between his side Burela and Deportivo Xota.

The celebration is deservedly cocky. Take a bow, lad. Then get back to work.

Us? We’re sticking to the hurleys.


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