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Ball of Shame report: How John Terry sparked Ukrainian protests, a hooligan granny and boo-boy Tan

They say sport and politics don't mix. They also said little old ladies love knitting. But as the latest Ball of Shame shows we live in a crazy, f***ed-up world. Charles Lorigan reports ....

by Sean Goff | January 3, 2014

The revolution will be Twitterised

John Terry has been accused of many things in the past – most of them unpleasant. From adultery to spitting on players. The latest instalment on the Chelsea captain is a bit peculiar.

Apparently Terry, was blamed by the country’s president Viktor Yanukovych for some of the ills Europe has visited on the Eastern European country.

During a 70- minute rant he the mentioned the Ukraine’s disallowed goal against England in a 2012 Euro Championship qualifier as one of the reasons he was suspending the signing of a partnership agreement with the EU. Cue serious rioting on the streets – and a return to some early 1900’s dress sense.

Now I’m no political animal. But seemingly rejecting an EU trade agreement on a disallowed goal mightn’t be the best strategy. But Yanukovych is his own man, evidently a big football fan – but quite possibly mad.

Portugal’s Hooligan granny 

When you think of your nan, you think nice old ladies who bake, drink tea and engage in the odd bit of gossip. What I don’t think of are pitch invading SC Braga fanatics!

Football is a game of emotions and it affects people in different ways, But it’s always a surprise to see an elderly woman storming a football pitch during a wild celebration. Portugese grannies are obviously a different breed and this lady built up some speed before being abruptly stopped by the steward and given her marching orders.

After her 15 seconds of fame she eventually saw the funny side of it.

via Billy Crawford  

Terrible Tan Strikes Again

Public Enemy No 1 Vincent Tan cannot stay out of the news. After Cardiff blew a 2-0 lead in the final 10 minutes of the game against Sunderland, Tan stooped to a new low after booing his own team as he left his seat.

Given the tumultuous week that Cardiff have been through in the lead-up to Malky Mackay’s sacking, Tan should have had more sense than to ridicule his own team. It’s bad enough to support a team and boo them. But when you own the team it brings it to another level. What has poor Ole Gunnar Solskjaer let himself in for?

Join us next week for more #BallOfShame.

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