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SNEAK PEEK: Feast your pies on Paddy Power’s new Ball of Shame ad!

Sick of over-paid, lazy millionaire footballers? Frankly, we're just jealous...

by Paul Mallon | January 3, 2014

Genuinely-rotund footballers may now belong to the 80s, along with Ron Atkinson and Adrian Chiles’ haircut. Yes, we miss those heady days of Jan Molby, Neil Ruddock and, er, Anderson trundling about as if the man of the match award was a chicken bucket.

But a fat state of mind persists in the Premier League. So the number one gripe of the average sports fan is being addressed by Paddy Power in our new advert as we take on the ultimate foe – the lazy, out of shape, and very well paid footballer for whom the most difficult task of the day is often untangling Beats headphones.

Watch Paddy Power’s new video…

Whether it’s the guy who can’t get in his kit or the one who spends more time sitting down than the Made in Chelsea cast, they all deserve a new year’s kick up the behind.

  • PIES! On Saturday, the Paddy Power Blog will roll out our Ball of Shame Decathlon of laziness!
  • CAKE! We’ll name and shame those footballers who provide least bang for substantial buck with the release of stats from the first half of the Premier League season!
  • JELLY! Each day throughout early January Paddy Power will, through their blog and social channels, unveil the winners of categories such as The Keeping a Low Profile award (least shots), Knocking Off Early gong (least time on pitch from starting), and the Sitting Pretty honour (most time spent warming the bench)!

After the contenders in the 10 categories have been decided the laziest players in the league will be announced and the fans of the unlucky club who employs the shameful overall winner will receive a reward. No cheating now, lads.

This advert is the latest part of Paddy Power’s ‘Ball of Shame’ football campaign – a season long effort to look after hard done by fans who find themselves at the receiving end of the mad and bad behaviour in top flight football.

Now, where’d we leave that kebab…

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