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Londoners! Where is your money going on the Premier League?

We've crunched the numbers of all the fans in London putting their money where their mouths are, and found that the capital belongs to Chelsea.

by Josh Powell | January 7, 2014

The same old arguments are played out in pubs up and down the country all the time. You’d rather fight 15 duck-sized rhino than one rhino-sized duck, the recession is all down to Noel Edmonds, and London/Liverpool/Manchester is blue/red (delete depending on which Dog and Duck you frequent).

However, we’ve got a handful of stats to back up the bold shout that London is in fact blue. That’s Chelsea blue not AFC Wimbledon blue as well just for the 12 Dons fans getting giddy.

The stats lads have crunched the numbers on all the outright Premier League bets this season and most of the money in the capital is on Chelsea.

Where the money is going in London?

Arsenal – 21%
Man City – 16%
Man United – 15%
Tottenham – 10%
Liverpool – 7%

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Jose Mourinho wink

Despite topping the league and doing a pretty good job so far of dispelling the myth that they collapse every year, Arsenal don’t quite attract the same number of bets as The Special One.

Jose Mourinho’s side take up nearly a quarter of all the Premier League bets in London with the Gunners close behind on 21 per cent.

Surprisingly, considering the number of ‘Cockney Reds’ apparently tucking into some jellied eels and praising another masterclass from Tony Valencia, Manchester City are slightly more popular in London than their local rivals with Tottenham someway off the North West clubs.

Silva and Aguero celebrate

Just four bets in the capital have been placed on West Ham – less than the number of bets on Crystal Palace and just one more than the number of bets on Cardiff. Hammers fans clearly go through enough pain watching football devised by Sam Allardyce. Throwing their hard-earned money away on winning the league is a step too far for all but four die-hard Hammers.

One London punter has decided to go against the grain in spectacular fashion by backing 15 sides. The five he left out include Man City, Man United and Chelsea. He is the only punter in the whole of London who has backed Norwich to win the league title. Good luck with that pal.

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