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Video: Rather funny Ice-Hockey fail as player body-slams himself

by Rob Dore | January 8, 2014

This young ice-hockey player may have been confused by the advice of Ice-Cube who instructed listeners to check themselves before they wrecked themselves on his 1993 platinum selling his “Check Yo Self”.

Instead he both checked himself and wrecked himself when he violently slammed his own body against the glass during this high-school game between Viewmont High and Uintah High.

Seeking revenge for a body-check suffered by a team-mate just moments earlier, this young man sees red and decides to go for a score evening cheap shot of his own. However he fails to see his target side-step out of the way and hilariously throws himself in to the glass. Not only making himself look a little silly he was also given a 2 minute misconduct penalty.


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