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Ball of Shame Decathlon event #6: The 10 Premier League clubs who shoot less when they’re winning

Today’s fast-paced Premier League leaves little room for the genuinely fat footballers of old, but when our Ball of Shame team took a look at official Premier League stats for the first half of the season, it was clear that fatness of mind persists in the English top flight...

by Sean Goff | January 9, 2014

Our sixth #BallofShame Decathlon looks at the clubs who think that a one goal lead is plenty.

Below are the clubs who’ve taken shots the least frequently when they’ve been leading games in the Premier League season so far.

To put this in perspective, the average Premier League club has taken 13.4 shots per match this season overall. It’s normal for clubs to shoot a bit less often when they’re ahead, but our three medalists have definitely been relaxing a lot more than is good for them.

In third place we have Norwich, who overall fire in about a shot less per match than the average – which is pretty respectable – but drop the pace by another four as soon as they’re in front.

Sunderland occupy the silver medal position with a unique record. The Black Cats are the only professional club across both England and Scotland who haven’t yet led a league match by more than one goal this season.

The gold medal however goes to Stoke, who just edge first place. The Potters’ apparent contentment with a narrow margin win has backfired horribly this season as they’ve conceded more equalisers (8) than any other Premier League side.

This is a second medal for Stoke in our BallofShame Decathlon but a first for both Sunderland and Norwich keep to our leaderboard wide open.

  • Tomorrow ‘Lounging Around’ will look at players that craft the most opportunities for a quick mid-match sit down after being fouled.

Stats up to and including December 29.


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