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Ball of Shame report: We’re talking space-bound penalties, dodgy hotel deals and arse tattoos

Charles Lorigan reports with some more overpaid bottlers, curious transfers and questionable tattoos...

by Paddy Power | January 12, 2014

Has Puncheon’s penalty landed yet?

We have all felt the pressure of taking a penalty at some stage, whether it is in the park with your friends or during a particularly tense Sunday league game. The tried and tested technique of putting the head down and hitting the ball as hard as you can gets the job done almost every time but some people just can’t help but try the fancy dink.

Jason Puncheon learned this the hard way.

When Marouane Chamakh was dragged down in the box in Saturday’s clash between Crystal Palace and Tottenham, Puncheon stepped forward with the calm of a man who seemed to know what he was doing. Unfortunately it seemed he had absolutely no idea what he was planning.

Caught in two minds Puncheon’s strike/chip lifted the ball well over the bar with a trajectory that Johnny Wilkinson would have been proud of. The ball was last seen bouncing down Oxford Street. Check out the miss below (fan footage video).

Puncheon took to Twitter to defend himself…

… and earned some sympathy in the process.

Can we have a hug too?

Scorpions’ deal has a bite

The transfer market is a curious place. Teams are regularly exploited for ludicrous amounts of money for overrated players. The San Antonio Scorpions avoided this pitfall with a shrewd bit of business.

The Scorpions signed 25-year-old Walter Restrepo from Fort Lauderdale for the whopping price of two nights’ stay in a hotel in San Antonio. Restrepo is considered one of the premier talents in the NASL, allegedly, so the fact he got traded for such a minor fee speaks to the talent levels in the league.

I am not a professional footballer (clearly) but if I was in Restrepo’s shoes I would be feeling pretty low on confidence after that trade.

Fan Alyse LaHue thought it was a good bit of business

The club made a statement saying they intend to use the voucher for their next two away games. Good to know.

Chelsea legend Lee’s cheeky bid for fame

Statements made on public forums can come back to haunt you, don’t we know. Poor Lee Mitchell figured this out the hard way.

Chelsea’s John Obi Mikel is not known for his prolific scoring and one would be forgiven for making a few brash comments but for God’s sake, keep it off social media.

Lee didn’t heed this advice and decided to declare an intention to get a tattoo on his ass if Mikel managed to score in the FA Cup Third Round clash between Chelsea and Derby County. This is a pretty safe bet 999 times out of 1000. Unfortunately for Lee this was the one time Mikel had his shooting boots on.

In fairness to Lee he is a man of his word and he is now the proud owner of a John Obi Mikel tattoo on his arse.

Fans took to Twitter to discuss Lee’s bodywork.

And the true Blue showed up on Soccer AM, in national media and even into the Chelsea dressing room as he was celebrated in the soccer world.

While Paddy Power’s Ball of Shame normally ridicules strange goings-on in football, Lee Mitchell – we salute the dedication to your club.

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