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GAA Video: Michael Murphy scores a ridiculously impressive goal for Donegal

You might as well close the 'Goal of the Season' competition now lads

by Josh Powell | January 17, 2014

You’d think that, being able to welly the ball out of your hands at a ferocious pace means scoring goals in Gaelic Football is reasonably simple.

However when you have three men launching themselves at you and you’re trying to control the trajectory of the ball so it doesn’t finish up, not only wide of the post but in the next county, it’s considerably tougher than you’d think.

Hence why you don’t see top corner strikes from 25 yards very often, and hence why this strike from Donegal’s Michael Murphy is even more impressive.

This spectacular hit came in Donegal’s 3-17 to 3-4 win over Queens University in the McKenna Cup – a tournament that if you’re unfamiliar with GAA is something similar to a Charity Sheild curtain raiser with a group then knockout format.

That might explain the nonchalent celebration, but a goal like this definately deserves more than a lacklustre palm slap form a team-mate. It doesn’t even count as a high-five.

Go to about 22 seconds in for the goal.

Unsurprisingly the goal wasn’t missed by people on the Twitter machine.

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