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Happy 2014 punters: Here’s how you’ve had Paddy Power’s pants down

We've crunched the numbers to see just how much Paddy Power punters have made thanks to the Premier League favourites

by Josh Powell | January 17, 2014

Last weekend was the worst week ever on football for Paddy Power with eight out of 10 favourites winning. Of course, on the flip side that means you guys won more than ever from us. We also got stung for some particularly big accas *wince*.

You won’t see crocodile tears from Paddy Power on this.

  • It’s been an unbelievable season for punters, the favourite has won 121 of the 208 matches played this season.
  • Paddy Power has been the number one bookmaker on the favourite all season. We’ve had best price on 59% of favourites to date.
  • PP customers have made 22% more profit than Bet365 customers, 32% more than Ladbrokes, and more than double Skybet! And this doesn’t take into account our accumulator refunds!


Unlike any other high-street bottom-feeders, right now Paddy Power is scorching a trail with new technology innovation in 2014. Now that Breaking Bad has finished the nerd floor has decided it’s really not worth watching Justified or Sons of Anarchy and have knuckled down to some work.

Here’s our magnificent seven…

  • The shiny, new, iPad-specific App – The George Clooney of Apps, but one you can guarantee won’t sell out and start advertising coffee.
  • Cash out is here – Yeah we were pretty late coming to this party but all the cool kids arrive late at parties and they normally bring exotic booze and lots of girls. That’s a fact.
  • PP Messenger App – Another way to get your bet on quicker. Because we all know time is valuable, particularly when there are hundreds of hilarious cat videos on Youtube you still haven’t seen
  • Bet calculator – You can’t spell ‘Boobies’ on it with numbers but it does mean you don’t have to use your brain which is super handy
  • This brand new, responsive blog with independent insight and mischief. You’re on it so you must be loving it, right? *Pats self on back*
  • Live streaming – The Bundesliga is back on January 24 and you can watch it all on, along with every NBA game, the Coppa Italia, and Masters Snooker. Plus we promise no commentary from Michael Owen. Ever.
  • Paying out leg by leg – Now you don’t have to wait for your winnings. As each part of your multiple wins you can benefit from some early earnings, making that Friday pint taste even sweeter


It’s been noticed by our customers as well…

Throw in our new football coupons and it’s clear that football punters are having a ball this season. The coupons make it even easier to place a bet like you would do in the shop but this way you don’t have to get out of bed and walk in to town. You don’t even need to put on pants.

The average win for a punters betting on our new coupons last weekend was over €40. Imagine winning that without even having to put your pants on. Life would be so sweet.

  • Have a go at taking a few more quid of Paddy Power by checking out the latest odds for this weekend’s games: Desktop | Mobile


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