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GIFs: Go home Pro Evo, you’re drunk. Amusing, but drunk.

by Aidan Elder | January 18, 2014

Pro Evo or FIFA?

It used to be this generation’s version of ‘Blur or Oasis?’ or ‘New Kids on the Block or BROS?’. Ok, maybe that last one was just me.

The latest version of Pro Evo is now with us and in the spirit of modern gaming, it’s still quite buggy, resulting in numerous WTF?-style GIFs.

First up, he’s some extremely tight marking. Good to see Tony Pulis’s philosophy is finally sinking in at Crystal Palace.

Here’s Cristiano Ronaldo, who this week won his second Ballon d’Or. That’s the very minimum anyone who can control a ball by wrapping it around their own neck deserves.

And here’s Kieran Gibbs riding a Cardiff City player like he’s a donkey on Blackpool Beach for some reason. Happens all the time.

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