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VIDEO: NHL game descends into mass brawl after about 0.78 seconds after the start

Good bless you NHL. Never stop with your moronic fighting.

by Aidan Elder | January 19, 2014

There were some unsavoury scenes in last night’s NHL as a game of ice hockey nearly ruined a perfectly good night of fighting.

The teams involved were the Vancouver Canucks who were hosting their rivals and (relatively) near neighbours, the Calgary Flames. WE don’t know a whole lot about NHL ‘beefs’ but it looks like the Flames were pissed off with the Canucks because they dissed them by starting the game with their fourth string.

Whatever. You play like 900 games a season, just get on with it. Just start fighting.

And that’s what they did. No sooner had the ref dropped the puck for the face-off did the players start scrapping, leading to some scenes that looked more like a Royal Rumble than ice hockey. It’s a bit of a slow burner, but it’s got fighting, a coach getting all Alan Pardew with another coach and more fighting. Well played NHL, well played.


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