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Don’t be a sad lone wolf – join the Twitter #PowerPack for members-only offers

Why you (and all those angry UK broadsheet football writers) should join this club

by Rob Dore | January 20, 2014

Paddy Power has launched an exclusive club, the #PowerPack on Twitter, which offers members all kinds of betting goodies on a weekly basis. You don’t have to be a chubby, bearded man with poor social skills and a man-purse to want to join this pack. All you need is a love of enhanced prices, a desire for free bets and your own Twitter account.

If you’re on Twitter we’re going to go ahead and presume you’re already following the occasionally informative but always entertaining @paddypower account. (The Guardian, for one, bloody loves us. Um). If you don’t we suggest you go ahead and do so now because it’s the only way for you to join the #PowerPack.

Sign Up to the PowerPack now

What is the #PowerPack?
A members’-only club which offers enhanced prices, free bets and exclusive money-back specials every week through the magic of Twitter.

What you need:

  • A Twitter account.
  • A Paddy Power account.
  • A desire for free bets and other great offers.
  • A love of howling at the moon in large groups.

How to join:

  • Once you have a Twitter account and follow @paddypower keep an eye out every day this week for a tweet containing the sign-up link or simply click here to join.
  • The sign up link will bring you here where you sign in to your regular Paddy Power account.


  • Once you’ve signed in you simply click the Authorize App button.

#PowerPack authorise image

  • Receive free bets, enhanced prices, exclusive money-back specials and much more every week.

#PowerPack will be launching this Saturday, December 13th. Make sure you’ve joined the pack by then so you can take advantage of the first of many crazy offers. Keep an eye out for more information by following @paddypower on Twitter.

#PowerPack T&Cs:

  • You are only entitled to offers by syncing your Paddy Power and Twitter accounts.
  • A maximum stake will apply to any enhanced price offers you may receive.
  • Offers are given at the sole discretion of Paddy Power.
  • Paddy Power may remove any customer from any free bet offer/promotion at its absolute discretion.
  • All Free Bets will be credited within 24 hours of event finish time.
  • Free bets must be placed all at once and stake is not returned with the bet. Paddy Power free bet terms and conditions apply.
  • One offer per promotion per customer.

Disclaimer: We do not provide escorts or drugs. However, what you choose to do with your winnings is none of our business and we would appreciate an invite.

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