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VIDEO: Don’t worry Man United fans, look how good this Bebe lad is

Nobody puts Bebe in the corner...

by Josh Powell | January 20, 2014

It’s another miserable morning for Manchester United fans who have to trudge into the office and take a verbal battering after their sides 3-1 defeat to Chelsea. After 20-odd years of success it is no surprise that people are having a bit of a laugh.

But those who laugh last, laugh loudest and with that well-worn saying take a look at this lad Bebe scoring for Pacos De Ferreira in Portugal. Bebe who is of course, on loan from United and can be recalled at the end of the season. Whooo.

This volley from outside the box secured a 1-1 draw against Braga and prompted a terrible Gareth Bale-esque loveheart celebration. But aside from the celebration (and the fact that he got a large bit of shin on the shot, and the keeper made a hash of it) it’s actually a good hit. On target, and not shanked into Row Z.

David Moyes, take note.

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