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by Aidan Elder | January 23, 2014

Here’s some interesting facts for you:

  • Due to an administrative error, Martine McCutcheon was briefly appointed Secretary General of the United Nations in 1997 and was chief strategist for the organisation’s operations in Rwanda
  • Charles Darwin was seconds away from burning all the notes and drafts he had written for the Origin of the Species when a friend pointed out to him that ‘although a Jack Russell wearing a bowler hat was hi-larious’ it probably didn’t warrant scrapping his theory entirely
  • You can watch streaming of thousands of live sporting events for free at Paddy Power

Only one of them is true and unless you’ve got a very high impression of Martine McCutcheon or a very low impression of Charles Darwin, we’ll take it you’ve figured out which of the above facts was indeed a fact and not just gibberish. This is all about telling you how great Paddy Power Live Streaming is and also how FREE it is to enjoy.

If you’ve got a Paddy Power account, just log in and you’ll instantly have access to the thousands of live events we stream every year. There won’t be thousands of them on at that particular moment, but there should be a few and depending on when exactly you do it, they could be:

German Bundesliga

Yes Bayern Munich tend to have the title wrapped up by the end of February, but the Bundesliga is still one of the most interesting leagues in Europe, providing some cracking matches and way more goals than you’d expect from a load of supposedly sensible German players. On average, they provide 3.2 goals per game, which the most of all the major European leagues (La Liga: 2.91, Serie A: 2.78, Premier League: 2.7 and Ligue 1: 2.26).

Those numbers are nice, but they don’t tell the whole story – it’s great. Have a gander when you get a chance.

Dutch/Portuguese/Brazilian league

No, it’s not one geographical improbable amalgamation of leagues, it’s actually three separates leagues. Yes, we’re not particularly bothered with how Arouca get on against Olhanense, but Benfica v Porto – that we could watch. We’ve also got the A-League and to sell that to you, we need just four words: EMILE WILLIAM IVANHOE HESKEY. He’ll be thumping in the goals for Newcastle Jets this season* and you can watch for free on

*not a real guarantee


Copa Libertadores

It’s like the South American version of the Champions League, but with a much smaller chance of Graeme Souness and Jamie Redknapp providing dreary punditry. Like an emotionally insecure friend, it’s also insanely competitive. In the last 10 years of the competition, we’ve had nine different winners. In the last four years, they’ve all been from Brazil, but still, it’s anyone’s guess who’ll go all the way. #Thrilling

The Davis Cup/Tennis in general

The Davis Cup is like the World Cup of unnecessarily loud tennis grunting. Next weekend sees some very interesting match-ups including the USA v Great Britain, Serbia v Switzerland and Germany v Spain. The tennis in general comes from the women’s tour where the action comes from Paris and Pattaya.


We’re streaming ALL the NBA matches ever. We stopped watching when wearing Air Jordans went out of fashion in favour of the Reebok Pump, but apparently it’s really popular again and really exciting. As exciting as being able to inflate the tongue of your runners to your desired level for no apparent reason? Hmmm … we’re not so sure, but it’s certainly worth a watch.


It’s the German Masters over in somewhere in Germany – does it really matter? You can watch it live and for free. Who knows – if you’re lucky, you might even get to see a ‘hundertvierzig und sieben’ which is slightly more complicated way of saying ‘147′.


There’s generally a lot of cricket on Paddy Power TV, but at the moment it’s especially interesting with the festival of shameless slogging that is the Big Bash currently going on in Australia and India doing battle with New Zealand in some One Dayers over the next week or so.

Clearly you can’t dispute a solid argument like that, so if you haven’t already, go and open an account here: DESKTOP | MOBILE


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