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What kind of beer drinker are you? Find out with our FA Cup punting guide

Are you more likely to buy a Heineken or a Desperado at the bar this weekend? Here's how your punting style determines your drink of choice...

by Josh Powell | January 23, 2014

Paddy Power got a fair battering on the Premier League a fortnight ago as eight of the ten favourites duly obliged and several punters clicked some particularly big accumulators.

But the big man hasn’t taken it lying down, and now the boss, fuelled by a deadly combination of pavlova and madness has decided to refund losing accas on the FA Cup (and League One) if one leg of your five-fold or more lets you down.

We all like a cheeky scoop in the boozer on a Friday and we all like a couple of sneaky accas on the FA Cup. But how does your punting style reflect your choice of drink in the Dog and Duck on a Friday night?


The Favourites – 4/11

You’re more than likely going to opt for a Heineken, despite the wealth of alternatives on offer. You know what you’re going to get and you’re not in the mood for surprises. Unimaginative? Yes, but it gets the job done.

Man City to beat Watford: 1/10
Arsenal to beat Coventry: 1/10
Southampton to beat Yeovil: 1/4
Sunderland to beat Kidderminster: 1/4
Chelsea to beat Stoke: 1/4


The Kicker – 25/1

The Desperado of punting. You like a little spice in your life that’s for sure. You can’t just pick a normal beer, or a normal acca. You need the element of surprise, the little kick nobody else is expecting. That bravery could pay dividends.

Liverpool to beat Bournemouth: 4/11
Everton to beat Stevenage: 3/10
Chelsea to beat Stoke: 1/4
Swansea to beat Birmingham: 11/10
Preston to beat Nottingham Forest: 9/2

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John Smiths

Northern Value – 57/1

You wear a flat cap, you’re knowledge of rugby league is impressive and you demand gravy goes with every meal. In between beating up southerners and going down the mines you drink John Smith’s bitter and admire your fellow Northerners in the local country boozer.

Hull to beat Southend: 8/11
Sheffield United to beat Fulham: 13/8
Sheffield Wednesday to beat Rochdale: 5/4
Wigan to beat Crystal Palace: 11/10
Bolton to beat Cardiff: 17/10

Pabst Blue Ribbon

The Hipster – 355/1

Pabst Blue Ribbon. Lone Star. Shiner Bock. These names will be common knowledge if you’re a pub-frequenting hipster. Being ‘alternative’ and ‘out there’ also means you probably back draws. Why would you want to go down the conventional route?

Sheffield United to draw with Fulham: 21/10
Birmingham to draw with Swansea: 9/4
Bolton to draw with Cardiff: 9/4
Rochdale to draw with Sheffield Wednesday: 23/10
Wigan to draw with Crystal Palace: 23/10


The Weapon – 600,600/1

A jagerbomb is too mild for this drinker. He prefers a shot of vodka dropped into a glass of wine, dropped into a pint of whiskey with a splash of sambuca. It’s a dangerous combination that few people would recommend and will ultimately lead to disaster.

Stoke to beat Chelsea: 10/1
Watford to beat Man City: 20/1
Coventry to beat Arsenal: 25/1
Kidderminster to beat Sunderland: 9/1
Yeovil to beat Southampton: 9/1

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