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EXCLUSIVE: Play Jim White Transfer Deadline Day Bingo

by Aidan Elder | January 30, 2014

It comes but twice a year and we love it. No, that’s not a description of our sex lives, it’s Transfer Deadline Day.

At around 11pm on Friday night, the January window will slam shut in a whirlwind of fact, gossip and professional footballers texting journalists complete lies just for a laugh.

To varying degrees, managers will be looking to strengthen their squads as the season moves towards what we hope will be an epic conclusion. After that, they’re on their own – left with nothing more than their own ability to coax better performances out of their players. Or pass the buck by blaming someone else for their shortcomings. Best of luck in your attempts to stay up while having to pretend Roger Johnson is a Premier League standard central defender, Big Sam.

And Jim White will be leading it all in his own unique style. Namely the style of getting ridiculously excited by vague reports of a disgruntled footballer driving up the M5.

He and Natalie Sawyer will no doubt be guiding us through the final few hours of all the not especially important drama and to celebrate, we’ve brought back our original and best ‘Transfer Deadline Day Bingo’ game. And it’s been updated for 2014. Well, we say ‘updated’ but it’s really just a slightly different Peter Odemwingie joke.

Anyway, enjoy. There’s no prize for ticking off all the squares, but hearing little Jim White’s voice adopt an increasingly awestruck tone as he reveals details of some random French player joining Newcastle on loan – isn’t that prize enough for anyone?



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