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GIF: It’s a travesty that Richard Dunne won’t be in Rio with skills like this

The Irish defender cut his head open and scored a wonderful volley for QPR today. What a hero.

by Josh Powell | February 1, 2014

Richard Dunne chose a wet and windy February afternoon to show exactly the sort of thing the World Cup will be missing this year. Forget Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Gareth Bale, it is a disaster that this man won’t be entertaining us in Rio this summer.

This volley that gave QPR the lead against Burnley has everything.

Timing, technique, power, precision, and it all came off Richard Dunne’s left boot! What makes the goal, is that Dunne has already got a whopping great big bandage on his head after putting on his body on the line at the other end.

What a man. You’d never see that from Messi and co.

Richard Dunne volley

Hat-tip to who were the first to whack their name on the GIF and stick it up online. Well done chaps.

The thrilling Championship game eventually ended 3-3 with the two teams sharing the spoils in a thoroughly entertaining lunch-time kick-off.

Despite not being in the World Cup you can get all the latest odds here:
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Or alternatively you can follow more of Richard Dunne’s incredible skills and have a dabble on the Championship here:
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