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You complete me: The story of Kevin Nolan’s incredible relationship with Andy Carroll

Easily a better love story than Twilight

by Josh Powell | February 2, 2014

‘I love you. You complete me’.

Most people credit that quote to Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire. What they don’t know is this is what we imagine Kevin Nolan says to Andy Carroll before they turn out the light each night. Big Andy’s in the top bunk obviously.

The two men are good mates off the pitch after Andy Carroll ended up bunking in with Kevin Nolan as part of his bail conditions in 2010 when they were at Newcastle. Their bromance off the pitch is evident on it when the duo line up for West Ham and Nolan in particular excels when his mate is on the pitch.


  • Kevin Nolan has scored 14 goals in his West Ham career since Carroll joined the club in 2012 – 10 of them have come when Andy Carroll is on the pitch with him
  • Of those 10 goals Nolan has scored, Carroll has racked up five assists
  • When Kevin Nolan plays with Carroll he averages a goal every 2.5 games with West Ham. When Carroll is sidelined, Nolan’s average drops to a goal every 8.8 games

Who doesn’t enjoy having a kick-about with their buddies right? Clearly Nolan loves it, and Carroll also seems to have a surprisingly calming influence on the hammers captain as well.

  • Nolan has been sent off twice for West Ham. On neither occasion has Andy Carroll been on the pitch
  • When Andy Carroll and Kevin Nolan both play for West Ham, Nolan averages a yellow card every 6.3 games. He gets cautioned every 4.4 games when Carroll is side-lined

As they showed on Saturday, combining well for both goals in West Ham’s 2-0 win over Swansea, Nolan and Carroll’s unique understanding is of great benefit to the team. Last season West Ham had a win rate of 35 per cent when both men were on the pitch. That dropped to just 27 per cent if one of them was missing.

Carroll and Nolan might not be the most glamorous partnership but they’re clearly effective and they look like top lads to go out for a pint with. Big Sam Allardyce is confident of keeping West Ham up, and a lot might depend on keeping Nolan and Carroll fit and free from suspension.

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