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NFL GIF: How the Super Bowl was lost in 3 easy steps

by Rob Dore | February 3, 2014

It didn’t turn out to be the well-matched battle we all expected. Instead Super Bowl XLVIII turned in to a one-sided rout for first time winners of the Lombardi Trophy, the Seattle Seahawks.

There was no surprise with how well Seattle’s defence played or how Russell Wilson controlled their offence from the quarter-back position. The big surprise was how poorly the number one seeded Denver Broncos played in this 43-8 defeat. Peyton Manning and his two interceptions will take the brunt of many’s blame but as these GIF’s illustrate, he was far from being the only Bronco at fault.

Step 1: Less than ten seconds in to the game and the Broncos fluff the snap, sending the ball over Manning’s head and in to their own end-zone where Kevin Moreno was forced to give up a two point safety.

Step 2: Then there was Manning. He couldn’t do it at the vital moments and when this errant pass was intercepted by Malcolm Smith and returned for a 69-yard touchdown in the first half an air of inevitability began to fall on the Metlife Stadium.

Step 3: 22-0 down at half-time the Broncos needed to come out strong and get themselves on the scoreboard. Instead they allowed Percy Harvin to return the opening kick-off 87-yards for a touhcdown. Game over.

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