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Overcome your fear of pink and Bingo will give you a £/€5 Free Bet

by Rob Dore | February 3, 2014

It’s not pink, it’s salmon. Okay maybe it’s technically still pink but that’s no reason to start questioning your sexuality, masculinity or fashion sense. And here’s why.

Anyone who regularly watches Stephen Fry dispense pub quiz gold on QI should know that in Victorian times baby girls traditionally wore blue and baby boys wore pink. That’s right, boys wearing pink. Which is crazy because you know what wearing pink does to you? Like the result of pulling a face when the wind changes, some things are just science. Or are they?

Recent studies have actually begun to suggest that the colour of your clothing may have absolutely no impact on the type of person you are. For instance, here’s a picture of the manliest man ever, John Wayne, wearing a pink/salmon shirt. It’s a well known fact that when off-set Mr Wayne would wear nothing but pink, except for a little splash of chartreuse on his birthday. Then there’s Chuck Norris, who has cost every production he’s ever worked on hundreds of thousands of dollars by insisting on dressing head-to-toe in pink for every scene. Forcing them to change the colour of his clothing digitally in post-production. “If God didn’t want me to wear pink I’d have heard something about it by now,” exclaimed the Norris. Indeed he would Chuck, indeed he would.


Then there are all those American Footballers who wear pink every October to raise breast cancer awareness. Are you saying you’re tougher than a 350lb footballer? Or do you just hate women? Your mum’s a woman.

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Remember it’s not pink, it’s salmon. And even if it is pink, that’s the manliest colour there is.


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