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Justice Payout: We’re paying out on Rory Best to score a try v Scotland

by Aidan Elder | February 5, 2014

Just because we’re nice guys (and Rory Best is about 17 stone and six foot of pure muscle and he asked us to), we’re paying out on Rory Best as an anytime tryscorer in the Ireland v Scotland game at the weekend.

There was a degree of uncertainty about who scored Ireland’s second try of the match. Coming from a maul after some neat work in a line-out, it was definitely courtesy of the more cauliflower-eared section of the them, but precisely which forward touched it down was up for debate.

It looked like Ireland’s captain for the day and eventual Man of the Match, Jamie Heaslip did the honours, but later Best seemed to be getting the credit. The official result says it was Heaslip, but when Best got on to use via Twitter to argue his case, it was hard to argue.

Yes, the Ireland hooker isn’t usually the first person you normally think of for tryscoring, but there were just under 100 people who had him backed at 11/2 and they’ll appreciate the gesture. As will the 196 people who retweeted or favourited his tweet, despite probably not getting any financial benefit from the campaign.

So there you have it – using social media to pressurize a company into doing what you want works. Especially when you’re an international front row who could break us like a twig.

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