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What else can go wrong for Manchester United? This video, for starters…

From hairy chests to terrible puns, dive into our Ball of Shame special to count down the five most controversial moments

by Paul Mallon | February 11, 2014

Premier League games between Arsenal and Manchester United (Wednesday, 19.45pm, Emirates Stadium) are usually feisty affairs.

It might not be a top-of-the-table encounter this time but both sides go into this game after humiliating experiences, which United at least are used to this season.

Arsenal (6/5) will want to rebound after a 5-1 trashing against Liverpool, while lord knows what’s going on in the heads of David Moyes’ team (5/2) after their feeble capitulation to bottom-feeders Fulham.

It’s not a game that needs much hyping, but let’s try to do that anyway, with a roll-call of the five most controversial incidents in the history of Arsenal vs Manchester United (in the humble opinion of the footage we were legally allowed to use).

Think pizza and hairy chests, for starters. Ugh.

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