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LIFEHACK: Now You Can Cancel Pending Withdrawals with Paddy Power

Read how the latest technology innovation from the nerd floor at Paddy Power can make your betting day easier...

by Rob Dore | February 13, 2014

You know the score. It’s the morning after the night before, a night throughout which you consumed a rather large level of libations. Words were said, late night drunken calls were made and embarrassing declarations of lust were pinged out across the interweb via some non-deletable social media site. Sometimes all it takes is too much alcohol and some holiday photos and you’re in love again.


Until the next morning when messages of “please leave me alone” or worse “I love you too” await you’re fuzzy booze-addled brain. But it’s too late. The messages were sent, the buttons were clicked and now you have to wade through the embarrassing consequences with a hangover that could take down Genghis Khan.

What if you had a magic button which retracted every drunken insult, every Facebook update and even removed the less than desirable stranger passed out and drooling in your bed?

Sadly no such button exists but Paddy Power does allow you change your mind when it comes to withdrawing funds from your account. Which is just as good. Hell, it’s probably even better.

  • Now when you withdraw funds from your account you have until 11.30pm that same day to cancel your withdrawal (desktop only). If you make your withdrawal after 11.30pm, you will then have until 11.30pm the next day to change your mind. All it takes is the click of a button and your funds will be back in your account instantly.
  • If you see a bet you would like to place within that period, instead of waiting until the money goes back into your bank account, then redepositing it, or depositing more money when you could have just used the money that was in there, you simply cancel your withdrawal and the money will magically reappear in your Paddy Power account. Except unlike magic this will actually happen.

How exactly does this benefit you?

  • This new function won’t cause a delay in the time it takes for your withdrawal to make it’s way into your bank account.
  • There will be no bank fees accrued for cancelling a withdrawal.
  • It gives you an extra level of control over your Paddy Power account.
  • Your money will appear back in your account as soon as you cancel your withdrawal.
  • If you try to make a deposit whilst you have a withdrawal pending you will be notified in the deposit section and given the option to cancel your withdrawal rather than deposit new funds from your bank account.

Quick Deposit

  • If you try to place a bet whilst you have insufficient funds, you will be given the option to cancel a pending withdrawal to allow your bet to be placed.


  • Or you can cancel a withdrawal by going to the Account History section in My Account. One click and the money is back in your Paddy Power account.

Account History


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