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EXCLUSIVE PIC: Inside the negotiations as Manchester United offer Wayne Rooney £300k a week

by Aidan Elder | February 16, 2014

‘It sends out a message’ – yes, the message that Manchester United have more money than sense.

Reports in the Sunday papers say that United are set to make Wayne Rooney the best paid player in Premier League history by handing him a four-year deal worth around £70 million to the player. That works out at something like £300,000 a week. Wow.

Yes, that’s the same Wayne Rooney the same United club legend who flirted relentlessly with Chelsea over the summer and went for a mid-season holiday in Dubai after falling out with Sir Alex Ferguson in the previous season. And then got an even more extortionate contract for his troubles.

Speculation is rife that the deal is meant to send a signal to potential United transfer targets that the club is serious about remaining towards the top of European football, but the message a lot of players may actually pick up upon is ‘United will give me lots of money for sporadic brilliance mixed with spells of not being especially effective’.

Despite early reports, a deal hasn’t yet been signed. But it’s close apparently. If someone was throwing cash at you, you’d probably be in a hurry to sign on the dotted line too.

Of course, opinion has been divided as giving a soon to be 29-year-old player with suspect attitude towards his health and fitness a huge could be viewed as a sign of desperation from the under-fire manager, David Moyes. That’s certainly what our exclusive picture suggests:


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