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GIF: Neymar provides the cherry on top of Barca’s impressive warm-up for Manchester City

by Aidan Elder | February 16, 2014

Barcelona warmed up for their Champions League tie with Manchester City with a ritual slaughtering of Rayo Vallecano in La Liga on Saturday night.

Being Barca, there was the usual array of stylish methods of pretty much walking the ball into the net, but the pick of the bunch may well have been this belter from Neymar. Yes, it was already 5-0 at the time and the Rayo players looked like they just wanted a comforting hug, but the Brazilian hadn’t played in about a month and he’s looking pretty sharp.

If Manuel Pellegrini is thinking about the right tactics for stopping Barca, we wouldn’t rule out ‘locking them in the dressing room’.



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