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GIF: Ouch! Dundee United provide us with a hilarious celebration fail

by Aidan Elder | February 18, 2014

‘Woohoo! You’ve scored the winning goal! Let me lift you up and then drop you on your arse from about five foot in the air’

We doubt that’s what ran through Nadir Ciftci’s mind as he went over to celebrate with goalscorer John Rankin as Dundee United went 3-2 ahead with 20 minutes to go against Kilmarnock on Saturday, but that’s exactly what happened.

Clearly getting a little too excited, the Turkish striker picked up his team-mate, raised him aloft like a human trophy, but then neglected to return him back to earth safely, leaving him to plummet to the ground and inadvertently prove that gravity on Tayside works pretty much the same as everywhere else in the world. And then he just walks away! LOL!

Painful, but hilarious and ultimately victorious. All that we love in a celebration fail.


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