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How customers have been spanking Paddy thanks to our Acca Bonus Offer

by Aidan Elder | February 18, 2014

We launched our Acca Bonus Special towards the start of February with a big song, dance and somewhat less sexily, a comprehensive selection of digital marketing creative.

And since then – to use the technical jargon – customers have been absolutely coining it. Coining it and then laughing in our ‘slightly less smug than they use to be’ faces.

In fact, things have got so bad, it’s no longer called ‘February’ around the Paddy Power, it’s called ‘Floggeduary’. Yes, we’re almost as bad at puns as we are at coming up with bonus promotions that we initially calculated wouldn’t cost us all that much money.

We’ve paid out a lot of bonuses so far. We’re not allowed discuss precise numbers, but let’s just say if it landed in Wayne Rooney’s pay packet, even he would notice it. Among the eye-catching winners are:

  • one customer who successfully landed an incredible 815/1 18-fold and doubled the winnings thanks to a 100% bonus
  • Another punter managed to nail a 15-fold acca at odds of 121/1 and doubled his winnings with the 100% bonus
  • Then there was that other person who we’re not allowed to name who got a 91/1 14-fold up and also got a 100% enhancement to the winnings


There were absolutely truckloads of other punters who have added tasty bonuses to their winnings from 5% to successful trebles, 10% for four-folds, 15% for five-folds all the way up to a 90% bonus for 13-folds and a 100% bonus for accums of 14 legs or more. It’s just that listing them all wouldn’t be especially interesting. Suffice to say, they’re doing pretty well for themselves.

Overall, we’re not far off having 10,000 customers benefit from one form of bonus or another. And because we’re far too stubborn to admit it was a dumbass idea, we’re going to push on through until the end of the month.

So if you fancy having a treble or higher on the football, now really is the time to do it. Partially because #YOLO, but mainly because #YCGAMBIYR, which means You Could Get A Massive Bonus If You’re Right.

Crap acronym, great offer – get stuck in.


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